Factory Power Solution


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Koten provides comprehensive solutions for standby power generation from 8kVA to 2500kVA on factory. In factory,

usually use standby power source when mains shut down. Our products is designed to work indoor/outdoor environment

condition, and will be met the requirement of factory noise, safety, static electricity and electromagnetic interference standard.

● Working environment: the altitude is not higher than 1000m; ambient environment temperature is -5℃ to +40℃.

● Noise demand: lower power range (not higher than 500kW), noise is requirement within 80dba @ 7m.

● Safety Measures: noise, damp, water and dust proof.

● Performance guarantee: Stable operation, ultra-low noise and quick start up of power supply.

Koten Gensets’ Advantages

● Adopt branded engines and alternators with high reliability;

● Prime generating sets can work continuously on load for 500 hours, without -fault time averaging at 2000-3000hours, and

fault restoration time averaging at 0.5 hour.

● Intelligent monitoring, parallel and grid-connected technology realize the generating set power the most perfect black start

seamless connection with main power.

● Advanced weather dust and sand proof design, marvelous spray coating technology and excellent tank enable generating

sets to adapt to extremely hostile environment such as ultra-high and low temperature, high salt content and high humidity.

Tailored product designs and material selection can meet the requirements of fvarious industries and fields.

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