Koten Power Automatic Transfer Switch



Please select your option when ordered. Either single or three phase.

An ATS "Automatic Transfer Switch" allows for automatic switching from your mains power supply to your standby/generator supply. It manages the process and a safe way to ensure both sources cannot be supplying at the same time.

It does so by continually monitoring the incoming mains supply. If the voltage of the mains supply fails, or is significantly reduced to create a brownout condition, it will immediately disconnect the mains supply and command the Generator to start.

Once the generator is producing a stable supply it will transfer the load to the Generator.

When a stable mains supply is restored it will carry out the reverse process, transferring the load back to the mains and shutting down the generator.

Koten can provide a total solution for your power backup requirements supplying the ATS and Generator.

1. Standard ATS. It has 2 road power connection : Generator power and mains power. 2 road power are with electricaland mechanical interlocking. So it just can supply power to the load by 1 road at one time. The Standard ATS has few seconds without power. It depends on generator start time or ATS transfer time.

2. By pass Transfer Cabinet. It’s regular transfer test for ATS, and without power stop.

3. Instantaneous parallel transfer cabinet. It’s for strict time for power stop. The load is the most import. The power supply systems can realize seamless transfer. It’s usually used in hospital and data warehouse.

Koten Power Automatic transfer switch system
ATS ModelPowerBased on 400V SwitchATS Dim (mm)
800A320P≤400KWYES1-800/4PGGD BOX

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